Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (4 days)


Our most comprehensive training course in the field of detecting deception that is ideally suited for those that have the responsibility for making decisions after having evaluated truthfulness of a specific person. ETaC can be presented in a full 4 day program or in four sequential one day modules, and a one day version can serve to introduce the content and teach some skills, for those who cannot attend the full four day course. ETaC embraces a challenging combination of knowledge acquisition and skills refinement with ample opportunity for practical assessment. It is not a conventional training course as it seeks to fine tune an individual’s inherent psychological ability to understand communication, in all its guises and to increase the likelihood of making a sound judgment and taking more appropriate and proportionate action. In organizational terms the cost effectiveness of sound and proportionate action resonates with all concerned

When people set out to deceive or are intent on malicious activity they make greater demands on their cognitive and emotional domains, they have to think and remember many more details and in high stake situations their stress and anxiety levels will also be increased – there will be a demand for more cognitive and emotional resources. Such a demand will leak out and those who receive this training can be taught to identify such leakage. There will be evidence of incongruent activity between the channels in their communications and importantly a trained staff member can pick up the early warning signs and messages. When people lie it matters what they are thinking and feeling.

The aim of the course is to make you better able to interact with and elicit information from others, especially in high stake contexts. It will improve your capacity to evaluate the credibility of data received in the course of observations, conversations, interviews, surveillance and investigations by:

  1. enhancing your understanding of how to identify and interpret five channels of communication, and
  2. improving your capacity to utilize active listening and acute observational skills.

At the end of the workshop you will be better able to:

  • Identify the importance of baselines
  • Practice the detection of leakage
  • Identify and evaluate ‘hotspots’
  • Carry out hypothesis testing
  • Identify and evaluate clues to lying and truth telling
  • Improve active listening and acute observational skills
  • Improve capacity to evaluate truthfulness & credibility

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Some law enforcement who may have only one day can take the “Uncovering Hidden Facial Messages” course.