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Photograph Sets

Pictures Facial Affect photo set

Pictures of Facial Affect (POFA)

The POFA collection consists of 110 photographs of facial expressions that have been widely used in cross-cultural studies, and more recently, in neuropsychological research. All images are black and white. A brochure providing norms is included with the collection. It is important to note that these images are not identical in intensity or facial configuration.

Emotions Revealed photo set

Emotions Revealed

This collection contains fifteen black and white photographs from Paul Ekman's book 'Emotions Revealed.' This set includes one neutral expression and two each of the seven different emotions.

Duchenne Non-Duchenne Smiles photo set

Duchenne/Non-Duchenne Smiles

These photographs demonstrate the difference between the true enjoyment smile, and the social smile. This collection consists of two black and white photographs and two color photographs.

Unmasking Face photo set

Unmasking the Face

This collection of seven black and white photographs from Paul Ekman’s book ‘Unmasking the Face’ illustrate each of the seven universal emotions – anger, fear, disgust, contempt, surprise, sadness, and happiness.

New Guinea Man photo set 1

New Guinea Man Photo Set 1

This collection was first published in the 1971 Nebraska Symposium on Motivation where Paul Ekman presented on Universal and Cultural Differences in Facial Expressions of Emotion. The collection includes four black and white photographs in which members of a Stone Age tribe from New Guinea were asked to pose emotions.

New Guinea Man photo set 2

New Guinea Man Photo Set 2

This collection of four black and white photographs show members of a Stone Age tribe from New Guinea posing expressions of happiness, anger, disgust and sadness. These images were first published by Paul Ekman in the Afterword which appeared in his edited edition of ‘Darwin’s Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.’ These photos are often used to illustrate the universality of emotional expression.