Paul Ekman Academy Workshops


Interested in elevating your emotional intelligence and communication skills to improve your home and work life? Looking for ways to accurately interpret others' nonverbal behaviors to inform your decision-making?

With Ekman-certified trainers located around the globe, we can help you meet those goals.

Our 2023 training schedule is now live! Please continue to check back for updates and additions to our upcoming workshop schedule.


Emotional Intelligence and Deception Detection Workshops


This course teaches you scientific methods to assess a person's credibility by analyzing the five channels of communication. Focusing on a practical-approach teaching model, this course offers real-world scenarios and case studies to practice observing the verbal and nonverbal signals in your interactions. Learn how to use these cues to guide your relationships and establish the truth when the stakes are high.


  • Assess behavioral baseline of others
  • Identify and evaluate "hot spots"
  • Recognize clues to deceit and truth telling
  • Carry out hypothesis testing
  • Evaluate truthfulness and credibility


Learning how to reliably read the facial expressions and body language of others is an advantage you can apply in both personal and professional settings. See how these unique skills can enable you to communication more effectively and efficiently.


  • Understand how emotions work
  • Recognize your emotional triggers
  • Gain awareness of impulses as they arise
  • Develop self-monitoring capabilities
  • Work constructively with others


If you are a licensed Trainer who wishes to remain certified to deliver official Ekman-method courses and workshops, please fill out and submit this form for immediate consideration.

Upcoming Workshops

  • September 27- October 1: Emotional Skills and Competencies and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility. Enroll here
  • October 26- October 29: Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility. Enroll here
  • October 27- October 29: Emotional Skills and Competencies. Enroll here.
  • November 23- November 25: Emotional Skills and Competencies. Enroll here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there prerequisites to take a workshop course? 
No, anyone is welcome to join! 

What is the format of the workshops?
The courses are in-person. As the content is very interactive, we believe that live exchange is important. The classes have a maximum of 14 people to ensure a high quality experience. There is also the possibility to take part of the course remotely if there are special needs. Inquire at for more information.

What languages are the workshops available in? Where are they located?
The courses are available in Italian and English. They are located in Milan and Vicenza. More workshop locations are coming soon!

Are there certificates available for the workshops?

How do I sign up for a workshop?
You can register for courses directly with our international partners I&G Management. After enrolling in a workshop, you will receive an automatic confirmation email and then you will be contacted personally to offer support and begin building your relationship with the other trainees right away.