Developing & Reconnecting to Empathy and Meaning (3 days)


DREAM builds specific scientifically and spiritually informed skills of cognitive and emotional regulation, professional empathy, mindfulness of self—compassion and setting an intention for meaning and purpose in work and life. This three day training will teach participants emotional awareness through mindful engagement with their individual experience of emotions and identification of emotions in others. The training is highly experiential and will involve basic education on relevant scientific research of emotion and mindfulness, group discussion, and dyadic exercises.

In addition to developing emotional awareness this training addresses root causes of professional and personal stress. When people feel overwhelmed by the stress burdens of their relationships and work they may feel their only option is to emotionally disengage. This disengagement can have a negative impact on communication, cooperation and empathy with co—workers and friend and can reduce feelings of satisfaction and meaning. This workshop builds skills to facilitate the regulation of emotions before they become “over aroused” and create stress. DREAM will help participants cultivate sustainable empathy and reconnect to meaning in their work and individual lives.

  1. Learn the basic scientific vocabulary and evolutionary function of emotions.
  2. Learn the signs and science of chronic stress and burnout.
  3. Develop the practices of professional empathy

Identification of facial expression of emotion
Emotional self—awareness, the felt experience of emotion, interoception
Self focused cognitive appraisal, curiosity and compassion
Other focused—cognitive appraisal, curiosity and compassion
Preserving motivation and meaning

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