Mood vs Emotion: Differences & Traits

Mood vs. Emotion: Differences & Traits

Five factors outlining the difference between mood and emotion

In an excerpt taken from “The Nature Of Emotion”, Dr. Ekman lays out five factors for determining mood vs emotion. Variations in duration, provocation, modulation, facial expression, and awareness of cause support Dr. Ekman’s argument for the difference between mood and emotion. Duration In the debate of mood vs emotion, moods can be distinguished from emotions in terms of their …

#AskEkman: How do I become a facial expression expert?

Learn from the expert

July 2014 The most popular questions we receive at the Paul Ekman Group are questions relating to which courses and universities are best equipped to promote a career in becoming an expert in facial expressions and emotion. The answer to this question depends on what level of education you are seeking, and what topic interests you. To help you on …