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Smile Mask

Using emotional masks to pull off deceit

March 28, 2018 Excerpt from “Telling Lies” by Paul Ekman, PhD The importance of the smile Any emotional expression can be falsified and used to conceal any other emotion. The smile mask, which is the most frequently employed of the emotional masks, serves as the opposite expression of the negative emotions – fear, anger, distress, disgust and so on. Who’s …

Signs of Lying

Articles About Lying

February 28, 2018 Excerpts taken from Dr. Paul Ekman’s scientific autobiography, “Nonverbal Messages: Cracking the Code” (p. 237-239) When is it a lie? Many observable signs of lying have been identified, but they are not always shown by everyone. Their absence does not mean a person is truthful, but their presence, especially when there are multiple different types of signs …

Dangers Reading Micro Expressions

Dangers of Reading Micro Expressions

Do We Really Want People to Learn How to Spot Micro Facial Expressions?

June 21, 2017 The truth about micro expressions By definition, micro expressions leak emotions that people don’t want others to know they are feeling. Sometimes, even the person showing the micro is not aware of the emotion that is leaking out. Studying this phenomenon for over fifty years, I decided to provide others the opportunity to see what I could …

5 Signs of Lying That Aren’t as Foolproof as You’d Think

Think you can spot a liar? Think again.

November 2, 2015 As seen on Yahoo Health by Temma Ehrenfeld Too bad every liar isn’t Pinocchio, with a tell-all nose. But do our faces give lying away in more subtle ways? The answer is often yes — though the science of exactly how is surprisingly complex. For many people, lying is stressful — so you might think that that …