compassionate actions

Compassionate Actions

Exploring the feeling of compassion

January 31, 2018 Why compassionate actions feel good I believe that it is rewarding, literally, to engage in compassionate actions because such acts generate a feeling of compassion joy. It is not merely that such actions support a favorable view of oneself; whether or not anyone else knows what the compassionate person has done, it still feels good. Therefore, I …

A Force for Good

The Dalai Lama's vision for our world

June 22, 2015 A note from Daniel Goleman: As I was interviewing the Dalai Lama for my book A FORCE FOR GOOD: The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World, Paul Ekman’s work came up repeatedly. The Dalai Lama places great importance, for one, on Paul’s mapping the emotions – a tool that can help people get a better grip on …

Photo Submission Winners for the Paul Ekman Group Picture Compassion photo contest.

#PictureCompassion: What Compassion Looks Like to You!

Moving towards global compassion

September 9, 2014 We’ve asked our community what compassion looks like to join in on our movement for Global Compassion by participating in our #PictureCompassion campaign. After looking through many inspiring photos, we’ve selected our top 5 favorites!                   A Note from Dr. Paul Ekman: As our submitted photos show, compassion is the desire to help someone who is …

Global Compassion and the Nigerian Schoolgirls

Compassion in today's world

May 2014 Why Do We Care? Why Do We Watch? There is nothing which ordinarily might catch our eyes: no one is badly injured, or beautifully dressed, or posing in a sexy way. And no one is asking us to do something: give money; write a letter, or anything else. Usually when we are shown suffering somewhere else in the …

Welcome to our new Website!

Improved products and new ways to connect

April 2014 Paul Ekman Group Website I’m Paul Ekman. Welcome to the first post of my blog on our new website!  This past year has been exciting as we’ve improved our training products and created new ways for you to connect with us. Our training tools have been expanded and refined, and our most popular modules (Micro Expressions and Subtle Expressions) …