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Deception & Lying Quiz

Take this deception quiz to find out how much you know

about the signs and reasons for lying.

Deception & Lying Quiz

1. Everyone shows the same tell-tale signs when they are lying.
2. It's possible to lie without saying anything untrue.
3. Whenever someone is lying there is always some clue that they are lying, however slight.
4. The polygraph exam is the most reliable means of detecting deceit.
5. Most often lies fail because some sign of an emotion being concealed leaks.
6. In many instances of deceit, the target of deceit colludes with the liar to avoid the consequences of uncovering the lie.
7. A lie is only a lie if it is deliberate.
8. When tested in research, Dr. Ekman found a high correlation between people's overall confidence level and their accuracy in detecting deception.
9. One way to tell if someone is lying is if there are little discrepancies between how they tell the same story overtime.
10. The most important behavioral source in detecting deception is hand movement and gestures.
11. Someone asks you for directions to the highway. You’re fairly confident that they should turn right at the end of the road but you don’t know for sure. Still, you tell them to turn right at the end of the road. Later you find out that the correct direction was to the left. In this scenario you would be lying.
12. When the stakes are high (such as the promise of gaining or losing something important) people are more likely to show deception clues.
13. A deception clue answers both whether the person is lying as well as what is being concealed.
14. When emotions are aroused when telling a lie, physiological changes occur automatically without choice or deliberation.
15. It is difficult to distinguish the innocent's fear of being disbelieved from the guilty person's detection apprehension.
16. Sometimes the fear of being caught is useful to the liar.
17. It is not necessary to feel guilty about the content of a lie to feel guilty about lying.
18. The most common reason people lie is to avoid punishment for breaking a rule.
19. Some people enjoy the feeling of lying.
20. Without training, most people aren’t better than chance at determining whether someone is lying.


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