Lie To Me Trivia

Test your knowledge of the Lie to Me TV show

How well do you remember the Lie to Me TV show?

Lie to Me Trivia Quiz

1. How many episodes of Lie to Me are there?
2. The character of Emily Lightman was first played by ______ before being recast as Hayley McFarland.
3. The Character Cal Lightman is loosely based off which prominent psychologist?
4. What was the Ria Torres’ previous job?
5. In what country did Dr. Lightman do much of his research?
6. What tenant does Loker adhere to?
7. This character is loosely based on Dr. Maureen O'Sullivan, a psychology professor at the University of San Francisco.
8. What number does Lightman continually ask Reynolds to bet on in Vegas?
9. In the Episode entitled Secret Santa where does Lightman travel in order to assist in a rescue mission?
10. Who is the creator of the series Lie to Me?
11. Gillian’s ex-husband suffered from an addiction to what substance?
12. What family member of Cal’s completed suicide?
13. What is the name of what Cal trained himself to spot in order to read people?
14. In the episode Delinquent, who’s half-sister calls for help?
15. In season 2, where do Cal and Emily go for vacation, only to find more work to be done?
16. What is the name of Cal’s ex-wife?
17. In what year did Lie to Me win the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite TV Crime Drama and Favorite TV Crime Fighter?
18. Which network did Lie to Me originally run on?
19. How many countries did Lie to Me broadcast in?
20. Can you learn to be like Cal?
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