Fear and Surprise Quiz

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1. True or false: Surprise can’t last more than a few seconds at most
2. Of the following, which is NOT true regarding the differences between surprise and startle?
3. What is the most crucial part of the face for distinguishing between fear and surprise expressions?
4. Which of the following is NOT a part of the fear family of emotions?
5. What is NOT considered one of the most common fear triggers?
6. Choose which picture accurately displays a fear expression.
7. Three of the following are reliable muscle actions for the facial expression of fear. Which is NOT?
8. According to Dr. Ekman, three factors determine how intensely we feel fear. Which of the following is NOT one of those factors?
9. True or false: the facial expression for surprise is the opposite of the startle expression
10. What is the universal function of fear?
11. Which of the following is an “unlearned” or innate trigger for fear?
12. Which of the following is NOT a physiological response to fear?
13. Can you recognize this micro expression?
Paul Ekman is a well-known psychologist and co-discoverer of micro expressions. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine in 2009. He has worked with many government agencies, domestic and abroad. Dr. Ekman has compiled over 50 years of his research to create comprehensive training tools to read the hidden emotions of those around you.

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