Responding Effectively



Responding Effectively Training Tools provides you with training tools for improved communications at work, at home, and with law enforcement. You may spend a lot of time, or little, at work, in a family environment, or as a member of law enforcement. However, these interactive tools help prepare you for different perspectives on how to communicate with everyone, regardless of where you are or what you do. Buy now for immediate access online for one year.

Purchase RETT: Family ($69), RETT: Workplace ($69), and RETT: Law Enforcement ($69) together for only $119.


PEG Interactive: Family helps parents engage in responsive communication with their children. You as a parent are guided to make a series of choices, such as the type of relationship, the child’s reaction and how you think you should react. Dr. Ekman gives you feedback about what you have chosen, with a discussion.

PEG Interactive: Work Dr. Ekman presents a supervisor giving unwelcome news to an employee. Most of us spend our day to day hours in a workplace environment, and sometimes that environment can present unfamiliar situations. When we are able to understand and predict how others react to what we say, we can become better communicators.

PEG Interactive: Law Enforcment Dr. Ekman presents an interview between a police detective and a suspect. In law enforcement, being able to interview with depth and precision is crucial. When members of law enforcement can discern emotions with clarity, they can be more efficient and accurate.

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