Ekman Library



The Ekman Library contains all of Dr. Ekman’s online tools. This collection teaches you to identify micro facial expressions, subtle facial expressions, and facial expressions in profile. In addition, you have access to the Responding Effectively Training Tools for improve communications at work, at home, and with law enforcement.

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Micro Expressions Training Tool

Dr. Ekman teaches you to detect micro expressions. By spotting micro expressions, you can better understand the concealed emotions of others.

Subtle Expressions Training Tool

Dr. Ekman trains you to see mini expressions that appear in just one region of the face. Understanding these subtle expressions can reveal unspoken and deep emotions.

Micro Expressions Profile Training Tool

Dr. Ekman teaches how to recognize micro expressions when viewing a profile of the person of interest. This training is useful for surveillance or in conferences with more than one person.

Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool

Dr. Ekman provides additional training in accurate detection of micro expressions. Contains three extended practice sections and tests.

RETT: Family

This training helps parents engage in responsive communication with their children. Dr. Paul Ekman provides feedback on how to best respond.

RETT: Workplace

In this scenario, supervisors communicate clearly with employees, while managing emotional responses. Dr. Paul Ekman provides feedback on how to best respond in stressful situations.

RETT: Law Enforcement

This scenario depicts an interrogator interviewing a suspect. Dr. Paul Ekman provides useful instruction for interrogators.