Emotional Intelligence Deception Training

Emotional Intelligence Deception Training

Learn the Language of Emotions and Deception
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Start your emotional intelligence and deception training today with Dr. Ekman's original Micro Expressions Training Tools.

Now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

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Micro Expressions Training Tools are designed to help you increase emotional intelligence and detect deception by teaching you how to read micro expressions – facial expressions that occur within a fraction of a second. Developed by Dr. Paul Ekman, the world's foremost emotions expert and co-discoverer of micro expressions, these are the same tools used to train the cast of Fox's hit Lie to Me TV series!

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How It Works

1. Select your online micro expressions training package subscription
2. At the beginning of each course, you can choose between English, Spanish and Portuguese captioning options
3. Members can train at their own pace - anytime anywhere (with a strong internet connection)
4. Experience the benefits of greater emotional intelligence and deception detection abilities

Packages and Pricing

All packages are 100% online so you can train anytime and anywhere during your training subscription. Prices are displayed in USD as a one-time payment.
Face Basics
$119 / 3 months

Learn the fundamentals of spotting micro and subtle expressions.

Trainings included:

  • Micro Expressions
  • Subtle Expressions

Face Advanced

$229 / 6 months

Increase expertise in reading micro expressions with an expanded collection of faces and perspectives.

Trainings included:

  • Face Basics trainings +
  • Micro Expressions: Profile
  • Micro Expressions: Intensive

Ekman Library

$299 / 1 year

All the tools to help read micro expressions plus tools to help you respond to the emotions you detect in other people.

Trainings included:

  • Face Advanced trainings +
  • Responding Effectively: Workplace
  • Responding Effectively: Family
  • Responding Effectively: Law Enforcement

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