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Dalai Lama: “Our focus should be all 7 billion human beings alive today, every one of whom wants to lead a happy life. We are trying to let them know that happiness is not entirely dependent on money and material things, but on inner values like compassion, without having to rely on religious belief. We are trying to adopt a secular approach that can reach all human beings.”

With the Dalai Lama’s vision in mind, Dr. Paul Ekman, a pre-eminent psychologist and co-discoverer of micro expressions published the Atlas of Emotions, a comprehensive illustrations of the states of emotions and how they relate to each other. This educational and groundbreaking tool will not only give us a chance to see features of our emotions that may not be apparent to us, but also will give us a better understanding of our emotions.

The Atlas of Emotions is offered online at no charge.

We will be maintaining the Atlas and doing our best to make the Atlas accessible to the widest audience through various versions, including but not limited to children’s versions and translated versions. This can only be made possible through a joint community effort.

Future projects for the Atlas include:

    • Atlas of Emotions for Children
    • Atlas translated to different languages
    • Atlas of Emotions maintenance and updates

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