Technical Requirements

Before purchasing, please note the following system requirements for Ekman METT and SETT products:

  • Our training programs run very well on Google Chrome, which is freely available.
  • They work well on Mozilla Firefox, though a few errors have been reported.
  • We request that you avoid using Internet Explorer at this time.
  • We have tested our tools on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS
  • You can access some of our tools (eMETT 3.0 and eSETT 3.0) via a tablet or smart phone running Android or iOS. However, we recommend using our tools on a display larger than 7 inches. Otherwise, the facial images will be too small to be useful for learning micro or mini expressions.
  • You must have an updated Flash Player.  Here is a link to determine your Flash Player version.
  • It is best to have no other application running when you use our training programs. Please make certain to have only one browser window open.
  • If you experience any inconsistency, we recommend that you clear your browser cache and then try again.  Here is some information about clearing your browser’s cache.