Ekman METT Profile

Price: $49.00

Ekman Micro Expression Training Tool Profile (eMETT Profile) teaches you how to recognize micro expressions in profile view. This is a more advanced skill; thus eMETT Profile should be used AFTER training with eMETT 3.0. This profile (side-view) training is appropriate for people wishing to build on their frontal-view micro expression knowledge, and is appropriate for anybody who works in groups. Whenever two or more people are present in conferences, we often see only the profile view of some individuals. In addition, those working in surveillance can greatly benefit from this training.

Sections: Intro, Training, Practice, Review, Practice A, Practice B, Practice C
Language: English
Training Time: about 75 minutes
License: 1 year, single user, repeated access
Platform: Web browser (please see system requirements)
Certificate: No

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