Micro Expressions Training Tools

Learn from Dr. Ekman,
the world’s expert on emotions

Everyone flashes micro expressions. Detecting them illuminates your path to understanding the emotions of others. This skill is your secret weapon for negotiating the world around you. Whether you are out and about, at home or at work, challenge yourself to decipher relationships on a deeper level.

5 reasons you need Dr. Ekman’s training tools

  • Access your inner emotions
  • Confirm your gut reactions to others
  • Boost your relationships
  • Understand the clues others are flashing
  • Be aware of the enigmatic force behind lying

Ekman Library

Access the truth serum within you

Challenge yourself with Dr. Ekman’s complete range of seven tools. Master the art of detecting micro expressions. Four tools target micro expressions. Three tools target relationships at home, at work and with law enforcement.

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Face Suite

See. Understand. Repeat.

Don’t just look someone in the eyes, read every face for clues. These four tools help minimize miscommunication and maximize your transformation.

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Face Combo

Paul’s perfect pair for potent perception

Open your eyes to the clues which everyone flashes everyday with this dynamic duo. Enter the world of recognizing emotions through this stepping stone.

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Responding Effectively

Confound expectations

Everyday each of us encounters a peculiar cast of characters. Prepare yourself for unexpected interactions. Shake-up your communication style with these three tools: at work, at home and with law enforcement.

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“Dr. Ekman’s training tools have helped me read emotions, predict reactions, and interact with others in a more proficient and professional way.”

-Joe S., Residential Manager, boarding school for underprivileged kids

“I have been a great admirer of Dr. Ekman’s work for many years. As a private investigator, I use the knowledge gained from the tools every day, and am impressed with their usefulness.”

-Matt M., Private Investigator

“I’m very sincere when I say that Dr. Ekman’s research has been so helpful for emotional identification and regulations with the autism population, and we’ve only scratched the surface of his work.”

-Emily W., Director of Education

“I use the training as a way to tell if a potential client is lying or withholding information. It has changed our clientele and our win ratio is up 75%. The training has shown to be very helpful!”

-Amanda B., Legal Assistant

“I have built my entire sales structure and community with our thousands of clients based on Dr. Ekman’s methods…”

-Roy S., CEO, lifestyle company

Uncover the truth

Use Dr. Ekman’s training tools to help you see what others often want to hide. Everyone flashes micro expressions, sometimes revealing inner emotions. Train to detect these emotions. Each micro expressions tool has a recommended time of one hour and presents visual examples of the seven universal emotions of anger, disgust, contempt, happiness, sadness, fear and surprise.

Micro Expressions Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s cornerstone product teaches you to detect and interpret micro expressions. You can be the one to spot the emotions that others conceal.

Subtle Expressions Training Tool: Provides foundational knowledge of how emotions emerge in just one region on the face. Learn how to see complex emotions as they develop.

Micro Expressions Profile Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s unique training teaches you to identify micro expression from a side angle.

Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s most advanced training for seeing emotions others may wish to hide.

Refine your communications

Whether at home, at work or with law enforcement, what you say and how you say it impacts everyone around you. Dr. Ekman has created interactive tools which help you verbalize your feelings with greater sensitivity. When using these tools, you receive immediate feedback from Dr. Ekman as you choose how to respond in these settings.

Responding Effectively Training Tool: Family Family members learn active listening skills, while considering the emotional reactions of each other. Dr. Ekman provides an ongoing dialogue as you select your responses.

Responding Effectively Training Tool: Workplace Prepares managers to communicate with empathy when engaged in a conflict in the workplace. Dr. Ekman helps you understand why certain approaches are more sensitive than others.

Responding Effectively Training Tool: Law Enforcement Provides officers an opportunity to hone their interview tactics. Dr. Ekman gives you his insight on interrogation techniques.