Paul Ekman Micro Expressions Training

Recognize and Respond to Micro Expressions

Brief facial expressions carry powerful truths. Most of us miss these clues, but with training you can learn how to spot and respond to micro expressions.

Dr. Paul Ekman – renowned psychologist and the world’s foremost expert on facial expressions – has created online training tools supported by his research to help you develop enhanced communication and improved emotional awareness.

These tools are the result of Dr. Ekman’s groundbreaking research on how our emotions emerge on the face, revealing key information of the universal properties of facial expressions.

Micro Expression Training Tools:

1. The Ekman Library: a collection of all 7 modules in the Face Suite and PEG Interactive;
2. The Face Suite: Dr. Ekman’s seminal tools for understanding micro expressions: 4 modules
3. PEG Interactive: Dr. Ekman’s newest tools, which apply the art of detecting micro expressions at home, at work and with law enforcement: 3 modules.
4. The Face Combo: Dr. Ekman’s basic tools for understanding micro expressions: 2 modules


The Ekman Library



The Face Suite



PEG Interactive




Face Combo