Critique of ‘Lie to Me’; Season 3

Episode 1 “In The Red”: Cal joins a bank robbery crew in order to sabotage the heist from the inside, but he soon discovers that one of the men on the job has a very personal motive. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 2 “The Royal We”: While Cal suffers writer’s block and the office suffers from personnel issues, the Lightman Group investigates charges of abuse and molestation at a teen beauty pageant. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 3 “Dirty Loyal”: The Lightman Group is hired to examine police profiling techniques in the wake of an incident involving Wallowski, and Internal Affairs attempts to leverage Lightman’s relationship with Wallowski to get him to incriminate her. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 4 “Double Blind”: While vetting an art museum staff for security leaks prior to a major exhibition, Lightman meets a beautiful woman who entangles him in a game of cat-and-mouse. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 5 “The Canary’s Song”: While Dr. Lightman investigates who was responsible for a deadly coal mine explosion, the FBI questions Dr. Foster about Dr. Lightman’s gambling associates. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 6 “Beyond Belief”: Dr. Lightman goes all-out to expose a self-help cult leader after one of its members tries to commit suicide but quickly returns to the fold despite the protestations of her daughter. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 7 “Veronica”: Dr. Lightman helps a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease uncover a traumatic memory from her past, and in the process discovers that there may be an “Angel of Death” working in her health care facility. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 8 “Smoked”: As a favor to detective Wallowski, Dr. Lightman investigates a fatal armed robbery of a barbecue restaurant owned by a man dying of cancer. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 9 “Funhouse”: Dr. Lightman tries to help a man in a mental health facility diagnosed with schizophrenia, which causes him to go down a dangerous path that may challenge his own sanity. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 10 “Rebound”: Dr. Lightman matches wits with a sociopath who is part of a con game involving himself and a lawyer, who both prey on several newly-divorced women for money. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 11 “Saved”: Lightman is hired to investigate three high school students responsible for a fatal traffic accident, which takes a turn for the better when he finds the heroic paramedic who was first on the scene. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 12 “Killer App”: Dr. Foster works for a co-creator of a social network application who suspects one of her partners is trying to oust her. However, the client soon turns up dead, and Lightman tries to prove that her partner is responsible. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

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