Responding Effectively to Emotional Expressions

Our new emotional skills training tool – Responding Effectively to Emotional Expressions (RE³) – focuses on a central core of emotional intelligence. Our first suite of training tools – which included METT and SETT – opened your eyes to recognizing concealed emotions and learning how to spot when an emotion is just emerging. Once you know how someone is feeling, RE³ is the next step.

Now you can learn how to best initially respond to a person’s emotions during difficult exchanges. To our knowledge, no one has ever provided online training to acquire this vital skill.

  • RE³ Complete Combo


    You’ll learn the most by using all three. We encourage you to try each demo to see how to best respond to the various emotional expressions.

  • RE³ Family


    In RE³ Family, a parent gives unwelcome news to his or her adolescent offspring.

  • RE³ Work


    In RE³ Work, a supervisor gives unwelcome news to an employee.

  • RE³ Criminal Justice


    In RE³ Criminal Justice, an interrogator tries to get a suspect to give an honest account.