RE3 – Work DEMO

Learn how to respond most effectively to your employees’ emotional reactions to bad news.


In RE³ Work you will see an employee’s emotional reactions when they hear unwelcome news from their manager. You will also choose the desired outcome for the employee after receiving bad news.

Even if you are not a manager or employee we believe that you will benefit from RE³. What you will learn should apply to other relationships.

  • Everything that is said, all the choices and feedback, are exactly the same for the male or female employee, and for the male or female manager. Choose one set of sexes and with it.
  • You will be able to select which emotion the son or daughter is feeling, however we will show you sadness first. You will be offered a number of choices about what to say in response.


After you make a choice, you will receive feedback from Dr. Paul Ekman about the advantages or disadvantages of your choice. We encourage you to select all of the choices, even ones you might not consider making, in order to learn from the feedback provided for each choice.

View every emotion the employee shows

  • Select every choice about what to say and listen and watch the feedback about each choice.
  • You will learn from the feedback even about choices you would never make.


View the employee’s reactions to the employer either wanting him/her to stay with the company or resign

  • What might be best to say depends not just on the employee’s emotional reactions, but the desired outcome the manager is suggesting. You will choose whether the manager wants the employee to resign, or stay with the company.
  • You can switch from retain or resign whenever you wish.
  • Once completed, go back to your account and download the RE³ Family Summary for a recap of what you’ve learned.


It is up to you: what to watch, what feedback to get, and how much of RE³ you use. Remember you don’t have to finish it all in one sitting. You have RE3 for one year. Use the Navigation button to view where you are in the program and to change your selections. The choices are yours!

To make this most applicable to you, please answer the following questions:

  • I am a
  • My employee is a
  • You want your employee to
  • Employee feels the emotion of

Female Manager Female Employee Retain Anger


Before choosing your response, read through all the choices, then select the best one.

  • A) Say nothing; act as if the employee did not show an angry expression.
  • C) "I imagine this is not the news you wanted to hear, but I think we can do something so it doesn't happen again."
  • D) "I am sorry to disappoint you, but I think we can do something so it doesn't happen again."