Lie to Me Character Quiz

Which ‘Lie to Me’ character are you most like?

Lie to Me* Personality Quiz

See which Lightman Group member you’re like the most:
Dr. Cal Lightman, Dr. Gillian Foster, Eli Loker, or Ria Torres


Which ‘Lie to Me’ character are you most like?
Dr. Cal Lightman

Lie to Me Character Quiz Results: Dr. Cal Lightman

You got Dr. Cal Lightman! Just like the Lightman Group’s fearless leader, you’re a natural trailblazer, ready to forge your own path in life to pursue your interests. Your friends and colleagues probably describe you as curious, independent, and assertive. While you may not always be the best team player, you don’t shy away from leadership roles (nor do you seek out leadership opportunities). You exude an air of confidence which can (and does) get perceived as arrogance from time to time. Your commitment to your goals keeps you moving forward; when facing unfamiliar situations, you don't lose your conviction or give into intimidation. Most people find you charming... until you inevitably overstep. Fortunately, you're far from oblivious of your impact on others and aren't afraid to apologize or own your mistakes.
Eli Roker

Lie to Me Character Quiz Results: Eli Loker

You got Eli Loker! Like the character, you find life to be much easier to navigate when rules are absolute: black or white, right or wrong, yes or no. You value the results of hard, honest work over luck (mostly because you have to work hard to accomplish your goals). You can read others but it’s probably not the most natural talent, nor the strongest tool in your arsenal. You find it thrilling to have mentors at the top of their field or industry, and feel a particularly strong level of satisfaction when the respect you’re given is earned. You are stubborn in your opinions and beliefs but are not incapable of change—you just have to hear a compelling argument.
Ria Torres

You got Ria Torres! To those who know you (meaning you’ve allowed them to get to know the “real” you), you’re probably described as a bit of a rebel, determined to form your own opinions and forge your own path in life. To strangers, however, your guarded nature and automatic suspicion of others are more likely to be interpreted as you having a chip on your shoulder and best avoided to prevent confrontation or conflict. But you know better than that. You are self-reliant; a survivor. You are highly intuitive and have learned to trust your instincts to guide your most important decision-making. And while it may take time and effort to earn your trust, it is worth it; your loyalty and love are second to none, and you feel honored to give it to those who prove they are deserving of it.
Dr. Gillian Foster

Lie to Me Character Quiz Results: Dr. Gillian Foster

You got Dr. Gillian Foster! You are a pro at managing everything: people, emotions (yours and others’), tasks, schedules… you name it! Unfortunately, you’re almost too efficient and effective which is why you often end up taking on other people’s problems, leaving little energy to care for yourself. You’re probably accustomed to living an active, busy life and may find you have a bad habit of overextending yourself to maintain status quo. As level-headed and insightful as you are, your empathic nature can make it especially difficult to incorporate regular acts of self-care and rest into your routine. Remember: it’s just as important to give yourself the same encouraging, supportive pep-talks you freely share with others.

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