Season 3, Episode 6 “Beyond Belief”

Season 3, Episode 6 “Beyond Belief” – Dilated Pupils

Torres says to Dr. Sutherland that fear dilates the pupils, limiting his ability and reaction times. That is so not just for fear, but also for anger.

Season 3, Episode 6 “Beyond Belief” – Shame

This program deals with shame, as it is shown by Carol and later by Jane. The facial signal for shame looks no different from the expressions that occur with sadness, but in addition there are hand movements, which cover part of the face. Eyes are directed down in both shame and sadness. I view shame as a relative of sadness, but it is more than the disappointment and response to an important loss that occurs in sadness. In shame the person doesn’t want others to know how she or he is feeling, for if others knew what the person is ashamed of they would be disgusted.

Season 3, Episode 6 “Beyond Belief” – Facial Surgery

Torres discovers that Stafford has had facial surgery, which makes it difficult to read his facial expressions. It depends on how skillful the plastic surgeon was, how apparent it will be that ‘work’ was done.

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