Critique of ‘Lie to Me’; Season 1

Episode 1 “Pilot”: Dr. Lightman and Dr. Foster search for the truth in cases involving a devoutly religious high school student accused of killing a teacher, and a congressman accused of having an affair. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 2 “Moral Waiver”: Lightman’s team investigates cases involving a staff sergeant accused of raping a soldier, and a star college basketball player accused of taking a bribe from a wealthy booster. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 3 “A Perfect Score”: An investigation into the death of a judge’s daughter leads Dr. Lightman to the girl’s prep school, while Dr. Foster investigates a NASA pilot who crashed on a test flight. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 4 “Love Always”: The ‘Lie to Me’ gang attends a high-profile wedding where the father of the groom, a Korean ambassador, has been receiving death threats. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 6 “Do No Harm”: Dr. Lightman and Dr. Foster tackle the case of a missing girl. Torres and Loker focus on whether a North Ugandan woman told the truth in her autobiography about the violence in her country. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 7 “The Best Policy”: Dr. Lightman and Torres investigate a drug company affiliated with one of Dr. Lightman’s college friends. Dr. Foster and Loker help negotiate with Yemen for the release of two young Americans. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 10 “Better Half”: Dr. Lightman’s ex-wife shows up, and asks him to tackle an arson case. Torres works the case of a drive by shooting that killed a member of a rapper’s entourage. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 11 “Undercover”: Dr. Lightman’s investigation into a questionable police shooting could jeopardize a terrorism investigation, while Eli’s lie in an earlier case could hurt the firm. Meanwhile, is Dr. Foster’s husband having an affair as Lightman suspects? Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 12 “Blinded”: On behalf of the FBI, the Lightman Group works the case of a copycat serial rapist who blinds his victims. Lightman faces off against the original rapist, a master liar. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

Episode 13 “Sacrifice”: The whole Lightman Group solves the case of terrorist bombings in the D.C. area. Dr. Foster has escalating problems with her marriage. Torres’s boyfriend in the Secret Service is in danger. Dr. Ekman’s Critique

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