Season 2, Episode 3 “Control Factor”

“Control Factor” – Not Perfect

Glad to see Lightman acknowledge that he does not know if he can find the young girl’s mother. Usually he doesn’t admit that he can’t always solve problems, or spot liars.

“Control Factor” – Rivals

I also have rivals, but we are anything but friendly. As you soon find out neither are Lightman and rival Jack Radar. Jack once worked with Lightman who was his mentor. It turned out badly, so we have to conclude that Lightman did not recognize early enough that Jack was untrustworthy. I have made the same mistake. It happens when your hopes for a possible co-worker blind you to spotting the warning signs that everyone else sees.

“Control Factor” – Distractions

It is a clever idea — staging a distraction that might cause an innocent person to complain about the delay. I suspect that a person who is guilty doesn’t say anything, in an attempt to not draw attention, just as it is shown here. I have never used such a ruse, and no one I know has, but maybe I will try it.

“Control Factor” – Change in Anger

Lightman is inappropriately angry with his daughter Emily. We aren’t told what is setting him off; he definitely is much more irascible than last season. But people do change, not always for the better.

Control Factor” – Sicko Alert

Pupil dilation does indicate arousal; it could be anger or fear, for example, not the sexual arousal or excitement Loker suspects – “sicko alert”.

“Control Factor” – Micro-mini Expression

When the driver says he never did anything with the tainted blood, he shows a beautiful mini expression, a very tiny sign of disgust. It is also very brief, so it is a micro-mini!

“Control Factor” – Another Indicator

It actually does really happen. Criminals will look at or touch what they fear may be found by the police. Just today a detective told me how a suspected drug dealer when approached by the detective patted his breast pocket. Sure enough that is where the dope was.